Love Cafe

This annual event is typically a nice formal hosted by the youth group with proceeds going to a cause of their choice. RJ Manoni assembles his kitchen crew and prepares the themed meal, while the youth takes on the roles of wait and dishwashing staff. Over the course of the past seven years, over $10,000 has been raise for various causes including, water filters for Start with One Kenya, Renew Our Community, Thornwell Home for Children, Give Kids the World, and adopting a kangaroo in the aftermath of the forest fires in Australia.

Here are the details for this year's Love Cafe.
  • When: Saturday, February 26, 5-8pm
  • Cost: $20/person
  • Theme: Cuban
  • Menu: Cuban Salad, Soup - Potaje de Lentejas, Main - Ropa Vieja, Arroz y Frijoles Negros, Fried Green Plantains (With a cream sauce), Roasted Zuch, and dessert.

Where Do the Proceeds Go? 
Pilgrim's Inn

How Do I Place an Order?
Click on a time slot below, and it will take you to a link to order and pay now. When you arrive, just let the youth know you are here and they will get your order together.

Why Do I Need to Select a Time? 
It would be great if we have 200 orders placed for Love Cafe. However, it would not be great for those picking up food if 100 people show up at 6pm expecting their food. By having the various time slots, it allows everyone to have minimum wait time.

The deadline has passed to order 2022 Love Cafe.