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As we approach the 2021 Stewardship Campaign, we ask that you pray about how you can help Grace move Forward. Together.

2021 Stewardship Pledge drive FAQ

What is a Stewardship Pledge?
Each year, members of Grace Presbyterian Church are asked to make a stewardship pledge for the upcoming calendar year. A member's pledge is a one-year financial commitment to support the ministry within our congregation, our community and the world.

What is an Appropriate Pledge Amount?
The amount of each member’s stewardship pledge is a personal, spiritual decision.  The biblical concept of tithing (contributing 10% of one’s income to the church and other worthy organizations) is a standard to prayerfully consider.  Some members may be able to equal or exceed the tithing level.  Other members will pledge at a lower level.  This giving percentage table is a guideline for those who would like to move toward this goal. All pledge contributions, regardless of the amount, are gratefully received as an expression of a member’s commitment.
Why are Pledges Important?
Pledges are essential to Grace’s planning process.  Each year committees submit their goals and the estimated cost to achieve them. Once members’ pledges are received, the Session will finalize the budget.

How are Pledges Submitted and What is the Time Frame?
Members are asked to complete and return their pledges on or before November 7th.  They may click here to complete an online pledge, mail in physical pledge cards to the church office or place them in the offering plate during worship on Sunday, Nov. 7th.

After I Pledge, how do I give?

You can fulfill your pledge in variety of ways that work best for you in the months ahead.
  • Mailing a check to the Grace Presbyterian Church office at 2764 Pleasant Rd. #10904 Fort Mill SC 29708
  • Bringing a check with you to worship service and place it in the white offering box
  • Setting up a recurring electronic payment with your bank based on a schedule that works for you
  • Texting GRACEFORTMILL and any amount to 73256
  • Through the Realm app you can set up regular giving or a one time gift
  • Making your contribution online at

If you have any questions feel free to call the church office at 803-548-0800 to speak with church staff. Thank you!
Listen as Frank shares his story about what stewardship at Grace means to him.
Steve shares his story about what Stewardship at Grace means to him.
Elizabeth shares how Stewardship at Grace impacts, not only Grace, but those outside of Grace.


Our giving options make it easy for you to contribute anytime you feel led to give. Give online, through the Realm Connect App, via text, or in person.


Give Now or Log into Realm

Realm is our online ministry tool designed for real time connection. Realm allows you to manage your profile and give online. Need a Realm account? Contact our church office.


Download the Realm Connect app from your Apple or Google Play store. Sign in with your Realm account to give. You should log in via computer before logging in via the app.


Text GRACEFORTMILL and any amount to 73256.
Text giving even saves your payment information for future use.


We take an offering at each Sunday worship gathering.

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